Anton/Bauer Explores the Jungle with Will Nicholls


Will Nicholls

Photographer and Filmmaker


Aiming to capture the importance of conservation, 20-year-old photographer and filmmaker Will Nicholls embarked on a trip to the Peruvian rainforest to document its regenerating areas and wildlife. Since his production would take over two months, Nicholls knew that he would need reliable gear that would last throughout his expedition, especially when it came to power.

“Since I’d be using my equipment during the day and for night surveys, I needed a battery that would keep everything charged for extended periods of time. I also needed something that was going to be durable and could work in a humid environment,” commented Nicholls.

For power that would last, Nicholls chose Anton/Bauer’s Digital Series 90 V-mount battery to power his Litepanels ASTRA 1x1 Bi-color panel. Along with its ergonomic form, Nicholls found that the battery’s easy-to-read LCD display was a supportive, key feature during his excursions into the forest.

“Anton/Bauer really impressed me not only because of its physicality and design, but I also loved the fine details on the battery,” said Nicholls. “It tells you exactly how much time it can run with the power that’s being taken from it, which is a handy feature when you’re working all day in the middle of the rainforest.”

With Nicholls shooting in 90% humidity, the resilience of his equipment was vital.  With Anton/Bauer integrated in his workflow, he spent over eight hours a day in the rainforest without having to worry about losing power unexpectedly in the middle of his production.  

“I found that I didn’t need to compromise or adjust the lighting to compensate for lack of power. In that kind of environment, most batteries wouldn’t have held up, but Anton/Bauer lasted ages.”

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