Discover Your Power Needs with the Litepanels and Anton/Bauer Battery Runtime Chart


Easily determine the power needs for your lighting with Litepanels' quick, easy-to-read reference chart. This new chart allows you to conveniently look up how long your Litepanels lighting will last (in minutes) when paired with certain Anton/Bauer mobile power solutions.

Although most Anton/Bauer power options provide an LCD screen with the battery's runtime, this is a great tool to help you prepare for upcoming projects. Know exactly how many or which batteries you should bring on the shoot and see which lighting solution is the best fit for you. It also displays technical information such as Watt and Amp draws for each light along with footnotes that show which accessories you need to go fully mobile.

The chart categorizes the lights into three different sections: 1) On-Camera, 2) LED Panels, and 3) LED Fresnel. This organized layout allows you to quickly recognize the type of lighting you need for your project, along with all of the lighting solutions that Litepanels has to offer in that category.

And since quality is a top priority, Litepanels develops their entire range of lighting solutions with premium, high CRI/TLCl rated LEDs and custom-designed optics. Delivering the best results for all of their customers, Litepanels' award-winning lighting products are engineered with a clear focus on performance, reliability, and efficiency no matter your location or lighting situation.

Printable versions of the chart are available here

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