Director and DP Nino Leitner powers presidential interviews with Anton/Bauer


Voting for the next president of Austria is anything but simple. That’s why working on a renowned TV series that interviews top politicians with hard-hitting questions is so important for Vienna-based director and cinematographer Nino Leitner. Specializing in corporate video and documentaries, Leitner is always on the go for political show Klartext on ATV and usually rigs a four-camera setup for the show – all with his own gear and crew.

“The show is always shot on location and in different places, so we’re always moving around. And we’ll shoot in really beautiful places like Parliament and, most recently, the National Library. The Library is a very magnificent, historic place that’s a few hundred years old, so we have to be extremely careful when setting up all the gear,” said Leitner.

For this particular location, Leitner and his team filmed interviews with all of the presidential candidates for the Austrian election. And with people watching from all over the country, they couldn’t afford to take a chance on their equipment or set up.

“For the show, we need to move really fast and we usually only have an hour to set up four cameras and that includes a track, crane, all the sound, lighting, etc. So we really rely on all kinds of solutions that make things easier. And this is where the CINE batteries come in,” said Leitner. “V-Mount is what’s prevalent in Europe and the Anton/Bauer batteries are my go-to for V-Mount. We don't always know how long we're going to be on set; it could easily run for 4 to 5 hours. But even for a long shoot, we literally don't have to change the battery on most occasions for these cameras because the CINE lasts so long.”

With 12 amps of continuous power and next-generation Li-Ion cell technology, the CINE 150 battery was the perfect solution for Leitner’s workflow. Since he was working with high-quality cameras such as the Sony FS7, Leitner needed a battery that would not only last on set, but also included a PowerTap® for their 14V accessories.

“Usually, it’s a quick turnaround; the footage is edited and on-air the same day we shoot. For the external recorders, we could power them independently, but then it becomes a pain because you need even more batteries on-set. Instead, I just power them through the PowerTap® on the CINE battery. I don’t need to think about getting more, different types of batteries; you can just rig up the entire camera system even with a wireless follow focus or monitor because the CINE is just so versatile.”

Along with the PowerTap®, the CINE battery’s unique and extremely accurate LCD allowed Leitner to immediately read the battery’s run-time throughout his production. He could easily track the capacity in hours and minutes when it’s on the camera and then as a percentage when it’s detached.

“Most of the other brands will just show you the voltage, which is inconvenient because you never know what the power drain is, especially when you add on accessories. With the CINE, the time adjusts and there’s no guesswork. Anton/Bauer is so reliable and just makes it easy.”

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