Powering the Wizarding World of Harry Potter– Diagon Alley

Mike Germond

Mike Germond

Camera Movement Specialist

When it came to shooting a large commercial production for the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ – Diagon Alley™, Mike Germond, SOC of Orlando Steadicam, knew he was going to have to rely on more than magic.

The 14-day shoot at Universal Studios Florida®, had a large and elaborate production set-up, and Germond used Anton/Bauer® power sources to keep the shoot on track.

 “We had 4 RED Epics running at any given time,” notes Germond. “In addition, we sometimes had two Technocranes, plus a jib, plus my rig, all working at once. And all these devices – the cameras, my sled, all the wireless receivers, the VTR gear, the monitors – everything needed power.

“I have my own selection of Anton/Bauer DIONIC® batteries and several different chargers, and I have their Gold Mount® on every device I own. And of course everyone else brought Anton/Bauer batteries to the table.

I have my own selection of Anton/Bauer DIONIC batteries and several different chargers, and I have their Gold Mount on every device I own

"We must have had upwards of 30 batteries and a dozen or more chargers. We actually ended up with large rolling carts filled with everybody’s Anton/Bauer chargers and a smorgasbord of their batteries. And they were interchangeable across all of our devices, so we had a pool of batteries that everybody could pull from.

“My ideal situation is never having to think about my power source. And that’s one of the main reasons I buy Anton/Bauer. I know they’re going to work, and I know they’re going to adapt to all of the devices I’m working with and power all of the accessories I need. That way I can concentrate on more important things, like framing the camera!”

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