Anton/Bauer launches new 7.2V Batteries and Charger

Our new L-Series batteries provide a durable solution with long, reliable run-times for Sony L-Series battery mounts. They also power 7.2V field monitors – such as the SmallHD DP7-Pro – and on-camera lighting, including the Lykos, Croma 2, Micropro 2, and Spectra 2 products from Litepanels and Manfrotto.

“We’re very excited to be launching these new 7.2V L-Series batteries, especially since they introduce the world renowned Anton/Bauer name to a whole new group of videographers, photographers, and media professionals,” said Neal Laneville, Product Manager, Anton/Bauer. “Since these batteries are so versatile, nearly every device on set can be powered by Anton/Bauer. I cannot wait to see these in action.”

With the L-Series batteries comes one new 7.2V charger.

The Single Position Charger boasts a compact design that includes an LED indicator light, a charge control switch that allows users to switch between fast or eco charging, as well as a 5V USB output port for powering an extra device simultaneously.

The L-Series batteries are available in two capacities: the NP-F774 is a 4400mAh (30Wh) and the NP-F976 is a 6600mAh (47Wh). Our 7.2V batteries and charger is available.

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