Tandem® 70

Product Code 84750067

  • Charging Specification: Simultaneous
  • AC power supply: Yes

The Tandem® combines the functionality of a one position INTERACTIVE Charger with the convenience of a low noise, lightweight, camera mounted AC mains adapter. The Tandem will operate equipment from any worldwide AC source. It also doubles as a full function InterActive Charger, capable of charging any Anton/Bauer Logic Series Battery. Charger firmware is contained on a single field replaceable chip. Weighing only 1 pound (450 grams), the Tandem is the perfect addition to any camera package.

  • Mount:
    Gold Mount
  • Charging Position:
  • Warranty:
    MAXX III - Three years conditional warranty
  • Charging Specification:
  • AC power supply:
  • Size:
    5.38 x 13.34 x 10.16 cm
    2.12 x 5.25 x 4.00 in
  • Led indicators:
  • Profile:
    Low profile, horizonal battery mounting
  • Power supply:
    Charger & Power Supply
  • Charging capability:
    1 Position, Multi-Chemistry Fast Charging


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