Anton/Bauer® is proud to back all its products with the most extensive warranty coverage and service support in the industry. Our exclusive warranty features several levels depending on the product type:

  • MAXX I   - One year conditional warranty
  • MAXX I.5 - One and a half year conditional warranty
  • MAXX II  - Two year conditional warranty
  • MAXX III - Three year conditional warranty
  • MAXX IV - Four year conditional warranty
  • MAXX V - Five year conditional warranty

All products carry a MAXX I Warranty unless otherwise noted.

Refer to the owner’s manual for complete warranty terms and conditions. All products are warranted from proven date of purchase or factory shipment whichever is later. Contact Anton/Bauer for details on obtaining warranty service or repair of any products out of warranty.

Use of unauthorized equipment in conjunction with Anton/Bauer products constitutes misuse under our warranties and may limit or void those warranties. Anton/Bauer does not authorize, condone, recommend, or otherwise assume any liability or responsibility resulting from the use of any battery, charger or accessory made by Anton/Bauer manufacture with any battery, charger or accessory not manufactured, produced or sold by Anton/Bauer. Anton/Bauer only authorizes the use of Anton/Bauer products with any of the products in their catalogue. Use only Anton/Bauer original equipment with any product in this website.

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