Anton/Bauer ventures into the Great Outdoors with Buck McNeely


Buck McNeely

Produces and stars in “The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely”


Buck McNeely’s sense of adventure takes him all over the world, from Alaska to Argentina to everywhere in between.  With such a nomadic lifestyle, McNeely utilized the pioneering technology and design of Anton/Bauer batteries to power his exhilarating productions.

McNeely produces and stars in “The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely,” the world’s largest syndicated adventure series that airs on over 500 networks. For over 30 years, McNeely has taken his audience on exotic adventures as he travels the world hunting, fishing, and exploring. To accomplish such a demanding task, McNeely relies on the durability that only Anton/Bauer batteries can deliver.

“You need batteries that can stand up to the rain and heat when you’re in places like Africa or Iceland,” commented McNeely. “The cold tends to zap these Li-Ion batteries quickly, but we’ve subjected Anton/Bauer to various climatic conditions and it’s been a top-notch piece of equipment that’s held up longer than any other battery I’ve used.”

McNeely’s most recent project included fishing with former Green Bay Packers’ placekicker Chester Marcol on Lake Michigan. Anton/Bauer’s Digital Series 150 Gold Mount battery allowed him to film his show on water and at Lambeau Field without hassle. “After trying almost every battery manufacturer out there, the viable technology of Anton/Bauer has outperformed everything else,” said McNeely.

Whether in Wisconsin or Serbia, McNeely provides that vicarious thrill to his fans with Anton/Bauer there to support him. “When you’re working all day, you need a battery that’s going to last and that’s what Anton/Bauer does.”

Buck uses the Digital Battery Series – check them out in our online store.

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