Culprit Creative Gets Festive on Set with Anton/Bauer’s CINE Battery


Colt Seman

Director of Photography for Culprit Creative

Tinder and Coca-Cola teamed up with production powerhouse Culprit Creative to develop a new commercial for the 2015 holiday season. To merge these two giant companies under one spotlight, the production group created a Christmas-themed commercial showing Coca-Cola’s infamous Santa Claus using the Tinder app to decide which guy or gal was naughty or nice.

With the storyboard in place, Culprit Creative only had a six-hour window to complete this short yet intricate production. “In under ten seconds, we had to dolly up through the window and then all the way down over Santa Claus’s shoulder,” commented Director of Photography Colt Seman. “We had to be able to work and move fast, so having good flexibility on set was key.”

To accommodate his needs, Colt paired his sleek RED Weapon Dragon with Anton/Bauer’s new CINE 90 Gold Mount® battery. Having the CINE battery on hand, he was able to give his workflow a consistent supply of reliable power. Especially with the battery’s LCD that accurately displays its run-time in hours and minutes, Colt could avoid unnecessary schedule delays.

“You’re always doing a bunch of guesswork with other batteries and their run-times; it’s never really clear. On the other hand, the CINE’s run-time display on the back of the battery tells you exactly when you need to switch it out and that convenience alone made a big difference,” mentioned Seman.

To help power his SmallHD 702 monitors on set, he would also utilize the CINE battery’s convenient P-Tap®. And since it’s located on the side towards the back, Seman found it easy to access extra power during his production.

 “The CINE batteries are just built in a way that makes the camera feel better. It’s easy to just take the battery, throw it on the camera, and not worry about it getting in the way. It’s amazing. Being small and powerful, the CINE battery gives you the best of both worlds.”

>> To see Tinder and Coca-Cola’s festive commercial click here

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