Culprit Creative Gets “Super” Powered by Anton/Bauer


Colt Seman

Director of Photography for Culprit Creative

As an all-inclusive, high-end production group, Culprit Creative has created video content for companies such as Beats By Dre, SolarCity, and Paramount Pictures, among others. Continuing to cultivate their great work, they teamed up with Tinder – the world’s leading dating app – and supermodels Erin Heatherton and Nina Agdal to produce a superhero-themed movie trailer for the launch of “Super Like,” Tinder’s latest feature.

In order to accommodate this eclectic production, Culprit Creative decided to power their workflow with Anton/Bauer’s Digital Series 150 Gold Mount batteries. “Sometimes, you get batteries and they’re really poor in holding their power, but with Anton/Bauer you know it will last throughout the day,” commented Colt Seman, Director of Photography for Culprit Creative.  

Not only did Seman appreciate the battery’s reliability, but he also found Anton/Bauer’s runtime display to be one of the most convenient, supportive features on the battery, “Anton/Bauer had such accurate time readouts,” said Seman. “Unlike other brands, I wasn’t constantly worried about this battery dying during production.” Along with Seman, the directors of the commercial – David Dinetz and Dylan Trussell – weren’t big fans of the start-and-stop style of shooting, but by adding Anton/Bauer to their arsenal, it allowed Culprit Creative to flow throughout their production without disruption.

Since their shoot required various angles, Culprit Creative needed a battery that could withstand diverse camera positions through a secure hold. By choosing Anton/Bauer’s Gold mount option, Seman could rely on the battery’s firm fit to his camera, “When my Steadicam is whipping around and banging into the wall, I need to know that the battery is going to hold on for dear life and not pop off so I can get the shot that I need. It gives me peace of mind knowing that, when I need it to, Anton/Bauer will perform.”

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