Anton/Bauer's new CINE battery series used to power one of the industry's first 8K projects

Shelton, Conn. (March 14, 2016) - Anton/Bauer, a Vitec Group brand and maker of best of breed batteries and mobile power solutions for the broadcast, film and video industries, is proud to announce the North American debut of the new CINE battery series at NAB 2016. The new CINE series continues the brand’s history of producing the industry’s most powerful and durable batteries.

“In mission critical situations, I trust Anton/Bauer batteries to power my cameras. They are reliable, long lasting and have technology to keep the battery safe, which is super important. This allows me to concentrate on getting the shot whether it’s chasing the ball at Fenway Park or getting promotional shots for the upcoming Summer Games,” said Tom Guilmette, a Director of Photography who has worked with the Boston Red Sox and the Winter Olympics.

The CINE battery series is a lightweight and compact mobile power solution using next generation Li-Ion cell technology specifically designed to provide optimal performance for high power consumption digital cinema style cameras. With the durability and long lasting charge that Anton/Bauer is known for, the CINE battery also has an easy to read LCD display which conveniently reports run time in hours and minutes when attached to a device or displays percentage of full charge when not attached. The CINE battery series delivers 12 amps of continuous power, a higher current than other batteries, and includes a PowerTap® to power auxiliary accessories such as monitors, lights, wireless receivers, and any other 14V accessory.

“You’re always doing a bunch of guesswork with other batteries and their run-times; it’s never really clear. On the other hand, the CINE’s run-time display on the back of the battery tells you exactly when you need to switch it out and that convenience alone made a big difference,” said Director of Photography Colt Seman.

Director and Director of Photography Phil Holland used the CINE battery to power the new RED Weapon 8K camera in one of the first 8K projects in the world. He echoed Seman’s sentiment.

“It’s 2016 and the digital cinema cameras I work with have a much smaller form factor. The new CINE battery is compact with a much lower profile for a V Mount battery. It balances out the weight so much better than others I’ve tried,” said Holland who used the CINE battery in his project ‘Forged’.


“Using the Anton/Bauer CINE 150, we got about two and a half hours of run time for the new RED Weapon  and it was perfect for this kind of shoot. This was a four day shoot where we followed blacksmith Tony Swatton forging a modern fantasy take on the Roman Gladius sword using the Damascus process. Once the process started, you only had one chance to get the shot because the metal was constantly changing. We didn’t have an opportunity to have any major camera down time. Between the long run time and the CINE batteries compact size, we were able to shoot all day and get the camera in places that would’ve been impossible with a larger battery.”

The CINE series is small, lightweight and acts as a natural extension of the camera while also incorporating Fuse Link technology, a connection technology that vendors developed as a result of Tesla Motor research efforts. Fuse Link technology provides an added protection circuit which – in the case of a cell anomaly – provides protection to surrounding battery cells, preventing catastrophic damage if a single cell is affected by severe impact, puncture or thermal runaway. The battery line also features multiple sensors to detect temperature and over-current states, ensuring optimal battery performance during regular use.

“The CINE battery series is the culmination of Anton/Bauer’s commitment to producing the world’s most reliable power systems for professional cinematographers,” said Treena Dixon, Product Manager for Anton/Bauer. “We listened to our customers and integrated their feedback into the new CINE series design. The result is a groundbreaking battery series that can easily power the next breed of digital cinema style cameras as well as the monitors, lights and accessories filmmakers rely on for the perfect shot. It’s a tailored solution built just for today’s cinematographers.”

The CINE series is available in both Gold Mount® and V-Mount connectors and is compatible with all Anton/Bauer Gold Mount and V-Mount chargers.

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