Dionic 26V 98W B-Mount Battery - Front profile
Dionic 26V 98W B-Mount Battery - Back profile
Dionic 26V 98W B-Mount Battery - Front-on view
Dionic 26V 98W B-Mount Battery - Front profile
Dionic 26V 98W B-Mount Battery - Back profile
Dionic 26V 98W B-Mount Battery - Front-on view

Dionic 26V 98Wh B-Mount Battery

Pure Production Power

Product Overview

The DIONIC 26V battery system is a dedicated solution designed to power the high-performance production equipment needed to meet the demanding cinematography standards of today.

A native 26V battery with continuous 12A current to deliver over 300W of consistent power means you can run large LED panels for longer, producing hours of full intensity creative lighting or drive power-hungry cine cameras or high-speed cine cameras. When your production demands peak performance, DIONIC 26V batteries ensure that you have the power.

  • 12A continuous draw
  • 99Wh or 250Wh Lithium-ion battery
  • B-Mount provides the most secure fit for reliable device communication
  • B-Mount protects lower voltage equipment.
  • Displays runtime on built-in back-lit LCD display or through camera EVF
  • Over discharge, overvoltage, short circuit and thermal protection

Continuous power for high-performance cameras and lights

More Power - No downtime

Delivering a continuous 12A draw, DIONIC 26V produces over 300W of consistently reliable power. With no drop in current like dual-voltage batteries, your sensitive high-end cameras and lights can draw maximum power with no stress or sudden shutdowns. Long run times combined with rapid charging - faster than 14V batteries - means the pure power DIONIC 26V system will keep your cameras and lights running continuously all day with fewer batteries for more productivity without expensive downtime.

Accurate information for dependable production planning

Intelligent information

Dedicated to providing pure and consistent output, DIONIC 26V batteries predict run times more accurately than dual-voltage batteries. The B-Mount provides the most secure electronic communication with camera and lights for accurate calculations, with the industry’s most reliable fuel gauge you won’t be left powerless on set.

Built stronger to last longer

Tough on the outside, advanced inside

Built with robust materials designed to withstand the rigors of professional set life in any kind of weather together with the most secure mount to your camera or light with B-Mount, DIONIC 26V is the most reliable power source in the cine industry. The dedicated 26V design manages energy more efficiently than dual-voltage batteries using premium cells with protection from over-voltage, short circuits and heat to extend battery life providing the same consistent, dependable power throughout its lifetime.

Lightweight and compact alternative to block batteries

Safer on set, safe in the air

26V power wherever you need it - DIONIC 26V 98Wh batteries are safety certified to comply with UN38.3 IATA lithium-ion battery regulations.

Metric Imperial
Dionic Dionic
Mount type
B-Mount B-Mount
Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
26 V 26 V
99 Wh 99 Wh
Max current
12 Amps 12 Amps
Power tap
No No
No No
2 Year 2 Year
99 mm 3.86 in
131 mm 5.11 in
71 mm 2.77 in
930 g 32.55 oz

Battery and charger safety.pdf

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Dionic 26V B-Mount - One Sheet.pdf

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Dionic 26V Charger Firmware - V0.2.pdf

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