Tandem® 70

Gold Mount 70 watt charger/power supply. (European power cord available. Specify 3445-0003)

The Tandem® combines the functionality of a one position INTERACTIVE Charger with the convenience of a low noise, lightweight, camera mounted AC mains adapter. The Tandem will operate equipment from any worldwide AC source. It also doubles as a full function InterActive Charger, capable of charging any Anton/Bauer Logic Series Battery. Charger firmware is contained on a single field replaceable chip. Weighing only 1 pound (450 grams), the Tandem is the perfect addition to any camera package.

Metric Imperial
T-Series T-Series
Charging specification
Single Unit Charger Single Unit Charger
AC power supply
Yes Yes
LCD display
No No
XLR connector
No No
LED indicators
No No
Touch screen
No No
Charging positions
1 1
Built in discharge
No No
No No
Mount type
G-Mount G-Mount
0 0
Charging capability
Single Unit Charger Single Unit Charger

1_Tandem 70 Battery Charger User Guide Rev G

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Battery and Charger Safety.pdf

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