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Anton Bauer ARRI ALEXA 35 26B Battery .jpg

Give the people what they want

Adopting native 26V power for the ARRI ALEXA 35.

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Behind The Scenes of Peaky Blinders

Power for people that don't compromise

Cinematographer Mathieu Plainfossé & 1st AC Tom Finch unleash the power on Peaky Blinders.

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Sean Savage Game of Thrones 2_AntonBauer (1).jpg

Power Behind the Throne

Behind the scenes of Game of Thrones with Camera Operator and ACO President Sean Savage.

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Powering On BBC Wildlife Series | Stories With Anton/Bauer

Cherique Pohl followed the team for 12 months to make ‘Bears about the House’ a two-part documentary series for the BBC.

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Michael Shu filming with the Titon series

Keep on running

Michael Shu - Editor / Cinematographer

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Kimisha Renee Davis talks filmmaking

Rising stars in cinematography

Kimisha Renee Davis talks filmmaking, equipment & the impact that female filmmakers are having on cinema.

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Documenting the effort to clean up the Ohio River

It Starts With The River

Documenting a cleanup: The amazing volunteer effort to clean up the Ohio River.

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Bjorn Amundsen

Shooting stars

Bjorn Amundsen has a 'Ladder' to success

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Close up of a shark breaching water

The hunter becomes hunted

Capturing apex predators on film with FZ Productions

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