DIONIC 26V Series Coming Soon

The lightweight, agile alternative to block batteries for high-powered, versatile,
travel-safe* power on set.


*98Wh version only

The perfect solution to run the power-hungry devices necessary for today’s demanding cinematography standards.
Power multi-function creative lighting such as the Litepanels Gemini range or similar high-power LED panels, high-end cine cameras including the ARRI Alexa LF, and specialist high-speed cameras such as the Phantom v2640.

Available in 98Wh and 240Wh versions, Anton/Bauer smart battery technology combined with high energy cells provides consistent power with protection from over-voltage, short-circuits and heat. DIONIC 26V features a new Gold Mount Plus lock that delivers not only the industry’s most secure battery lock system but also the most reliable communications between the battery and a camera or light.

Know your battery runtime down to the minute with the on-board LCD display or in your camera viewfinder.


On-board LCD Screen
Knowledge is power, know your runtime down to the minute.

Smart Technology
Over-discharge, over-voltage, short circuit and thermal protection.

Gold Mount Plus
Most secure battery mount and reliable communications between battery and powered device.

Dedicated 26V Charger
High-speed 26V charger able to fully charge a 26V battery in half the time of 14V chargers