About Anton/Bauer


Anton/Bauer is the pioneering force behind many of the core battery technologies that have become industry-standard in the world of broadcast, video and cinema.

The world’s best battery solutions for: cameras, lighting, monitors and more.

Camera operators using DSLRs and mirrorless cameras through to camcorders and cine rigs and right up to large shoulder cameras for ENG or EFP can all find a solution to their power needs in the Anton/Bauer range. Its industry-leading products include Gold Mount® and V-Mount batteries, smart chargers, cine batteries and battery mounting brackets specifically designed for digital video and electronic field production equipment.


Always seen behind the scene

Anton Wilson and George Bauer, the founders of Anton/BauerAnton Wilson and George Bauer, the founders of Anton/Bauer

For 50 years, Anton/Bauer has been the power behind the picture for anyone using a camera to shoot moving images. From breaking the news around the world, capturing sports action on the track or field, documenting remote, wild and extreme environments or shooting blockbuster movies in Hollywood Anton/Bauer are a core battery fixture on set.

There’s a first time for everything

Putting the needs of camera operators at the core, Anton/Bauer developed a series of industry firsts including the revolutionary Gold Mount, the first flexible battery mounting system.  Until then camera operators were forced to wear their batteries on belts around their waist or over the shoulder.  The Gold Mount features a unique mounting and bracket combination that can simply snap onto the back of a camera providing not only exceptional performance and the most secure connection for power and communication but also the added benefit of improving the camera’s balance by offsetting the weight of the lens. The world’s leading camera manufacturers quickly adopted this system and Anton/Bauer was on its way to global success.

Anton/Bauer's Scientific and Engineering Academy AwardFrom there, Anton/Bauer progressed to develop the InterActive® digital batteries featuring the industry's first viewfinder fuel gauge – a major innovation for the company that features in products to this day, and the PowerTap® port for providing power from the battery to camera accessories in addition to the camera, a now industry-standard feature in broadcast batteries.

With several patents for advanced technology, Anton/Bauer has also been recognized by the industry with an Emmy® for outstanding achievement in engineering and a Sci-Tech Academy Award®.

Forward thinking

From humble beginnings as a partnership between an engineer and a cameraman, to worldwide success as the standard for battery power solutions in broadcast, video and cinema – Anton/Bauer has consistently broken new ground in developing battery solutions to maintain its position as the first name in studio and location power. Today, through a combination of its long-term relationships with customers and industry experts, together with a proven track record of research and development in high-quality technologies Anton/Bauer is able to respond to the rapidly changing needs of camera operators and content creators to deliver cutting edge power solutions such as the DIONIC® and Titon™ battery ranges making Anton/Bauer the smart choice for professional image makers.

DIONIC 26V Battery

Production Power with freedom from AC outlets or heavy block batteries. The lightweight and agile alternative to block batteries for high-powered, versatile, travel-safe power on set.

Capacity: 99Wh | 250Wh Amperage: 12A Constant
Mount Type: Gold Mount Plus Estimated Life: 1000 Cycles
Charge Time: ~1.5 | ~3.5 hours  to 100%


DIONIC XT Batteries

Engineered to be recharged more times, extending its cycle life compared to the other battery systems. Offering the best ROI and lowest management overhead.

Mount Type: V-Mount or Gold Mount
Capacity: 99Wh | 156Wh Amperage: 12A Constant
Estimated Life: 1200 Cycles Connections: 1 X P-Tap / 1 X USB


Titon Batteries

Titon Lithium-ion batteries are the go-to choice for image makers on the move, powering the widest range of gear on set or out in the field.

Mount Type: V-Mount or Gold Mount
Capacity: 92Wh | 144Wh Amperage: 10A Constant
Estimated Life: 1000 Cycles Connections: 1 X P-Tap / 1 X USB


Titon SL Batteries

Titon SL Lithium-ion batteries take the reliable power found in the Titon range and packs it into a smaller, lighter form making Titon SL the essential power choice for power-hungry image makers.

Mount Type: V-Mount or Gold Mount 
Capacity: 143Wh | 238Wh Amperage: 10A Constant
Estimated Life: 1000 Cycles Connections: 1 X P-Tap / 1 X USB