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Preservation Power

Choose Anton/Bauer,

save the rainforest.

Every Anton/Bauer battery sold contributes to Rainforest Trust’s Brazilian Amazon fund, helping to store up to 6 billion mT of carbon.

Project Cost: £7,936,507
Funding Raised: £3,173,846

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Filmmakers play a crucial role in inspiring people to take meaningful steps towards conservation and environmental stewardship. Powerful images capture the struggles of endangered species, the destruction of habitats, and the impact of climate change, bringing these issues into sharp focus for audiences worldwide.

Anton/Bauer batteries are the power behind many of these impactful films and now, every Anton/Bauer battery contributes directly to preserving the Brazilian Rainforest. Join the charge for a greener future with Anton/Bauer and Rainforest Trust.

In the Brazilian Amazon, Rainforest Trust aims to permanently safeguard 20 million acres of intact forest—an expanse the size of South Carolina—at a cost of $40M over the next four years.

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At least 70 threatened species

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Six key projects

Co2 Emissions


6 Billion mT*
*(metric tons of CO2 equivalents)



Target 20 million acres

Our Commitment to the Environment

By choosing Anton/Bauer, as well as exceptional power – you also help to preserve precious rainforest, contributing to environmental conservation. We’re committed to making an impact in the following ways.

We prioritize quality engineering by using premium components, ensuring our products have a longer lifespan.

Anton Bauer is dedicated to environmental collaborations, like with Rainforest Trust, ensuring that each purchase contributes towards environmental conservation.

We’ve refined our manufacturing procedures to reduce waste and adopt sustainable production processes.

We’re leading the industry into a new era of sustainable power with the introduction of our zero-emission sodium Salt-E Dog.

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Healthy rainforests are critical to a healthy planet. Creating protected areas is the simplest way to prevent deforestation, safeguard biodiversity, fight the climate crisis and maintain the health of all species on our planet. For every Anton/Bauer purchase we give back to the Brazilian Amazon Fund.

Donate to Rainforest TrustGlobal Conservation Report

Dan O’Neill

Wildlife Filmmaker

“As a wildlife filmmaker, I’ve seen first-hand the negative impacts society has had on our living planet. Today we all find ourselves in one of the most critical decades in history, as climate change and loss of biodiversity reaches a tipping point. We are each faced with one of two choices: to make our impact  negative, or positive.”

Chris Schmid

National Geographic Filmmaker

“As a natural history DoP and photographer, my role is to highlight issues around conservation and the protection of wildlife through engaging and educational content. I have also a big responsibility to keep my carbon footprint as low as possible while on assignment. Together we can make a difference: Buy better – Buy greener – Save endangered species – Protect their habitats – Help local communities.”

Ben Sadd

Wildlife Filmmaker

“For me, working with Anton/Bauer is part of better decision-making. The team is truly proactive and innovative when it comes to asking the green questions, challenging past strategies, choosing materials and assessing product life cycles. From fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging, to easy and convenient ways to recycle old batteries, Anton/Bauer is making green thinking part of their culture. By choosing top quality materials for their products, they ensure longer battery life, which requires replacement less frequent and uses much fewer natural resources. “

Talking the talk & walking the walk

As part of Videndum Production Solutions, we support Rainforest Trust through our Action4Good Wellness Challenge, where staff engage in health activities to back Rainforest Trust projects.

This year, we ran, walked, cycled, and swam to collectively cover 4,350 miles—equivalent to canoeing the Amazon River from Iquitos, Peru, to Macapá, Brazil. For every mile, we pledged $2 to Rainforest Trust. Surpassing our target by over 600 miles, we donated enough to preserve over 1,000 acres of the Peruvian Amazon watershed, sequestering 200,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

Through our Action4Good projects, we have protected 3,250 acres of rainforest so far…

Beyond supporting environmental preservation, we are also working to make our industry greener. As sustainability and reducing carbon emissions become more crucial in the entertainment industry, Anton/Bauer is leading the way in sustainability with products that minimize environmental impact. By pioneering sodium battery technology in the Salt-E Dog, we’re providing solutions for film and television production to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offer a safer alternative to traditional battery options.

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