GO 90

Plug and play power for lights and cameras

V-Mount and Gold Mount battery


Slimline, lightweight battery.
Run your camera with power to spare

Power for your camera and its accessories or LED panel lights with one simple battery. A weather-resistant P-Tap port and high-speed USB port deliver reliable power for camera accessories including monitors or on-camera lights or even an energy boost to keep your smartphone going throughout the day.


5-step LED fuel gauge.
One tap battery status confirmation.

Power to create. GO 90 displays battery status at a glance with a built-in intelligent 5-step LED fuel gauge. Check the charge level on the battery with a simple tap of a button or see the battery level in 20% increments leaving camera operators free to focus on the action in front of the camera.


Multiple charging options.
Compatible with your way of working.

Power when and where you need it. For fast and efficient charging, GO 90 is compatible with Anton/Bauer V-Mount or Gold-Mount charging solutions or can safely integrate with chargers from other manufacturers. For image makers on the move when size and weight are critical, GO 90 batteries can be simply charged with a lightweight, portable P-Tap charger.


Know your Runtime

Use our quick finder for the best way to power your camera.


Depending on you addition accessories, which you can power via D-Tap or USB, the power consuption increases.
Below some accessories examples:

SmallHD 502 - 6 Wh
Teradek Bolt Pro - 4.5 Wh

Input Accessory Power Consumption (Wh)
Total Power Consumption

Product Overview

GO 90 is the lightweight, low-cost power solution for pro photographers and videographers delivering Anton/Bauer power in a slimmed-down highly portable form. Available in both V-Mount and Gold-Mount options.

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GO 90 Gold Mount

  • Mount: Gold Mount
  • Capacity: 98Wh
  • Amperage: 8A
  • Connections: 1 x P-Tap / 1 x USB
  • Weight: 1.54lbs / 0.7kg
  • Dims: 1.8 x 5.9 x 3.7in / 47 x 152 x 95mm
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GO 90 V-Mount

  • Mount: V-Mount
  • Capacity: 98Wh
  • Amperage: 8A
  • Connections: 1 x P-Tap / 1 x USB
  • Weight: 1.54lbs / 0.7kg
  • Dims: 1.8 x 5.9 x 3.7in / 47 x 152 x 95mm
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Frequently asked questions


If you’re looking for a cost-effective pure power solution from an industry recognized name that’s certified for carry-on air travel, the Anton/Bauer GO 90 is our recommended mobile power solution.


While NP/LP style batteries are smaller they have certain limitations. When shooting in high resolution (4K / 6K) or hot / cold environments, LP / NP style batteries often have runtimes of under 30 minutes. In fact, many will not function in extreme temperatures. Anton/Bauer GO 90 Batteries will power DSLRs and other mirrorless cameras like the Sony a7R III (approximately 12 hours!) oftentimes for a full day of shooting, even in extreme environments. GO 90 is also equipped with P-TAP and USB Ports to power a range of additional accessories while powering your camera, even your mobile phone.


The Anton/Bauer GO 90 is designed with different power cells versus the Titon Series. GO 90 batteries are also configured with a 5 LED bar power indicator while Titon Series solutions include a built-in LCD display providing remaining runtime in hours and minutes.


Lithium-ion batteries are the standard found in most portable electronics these days. They are significantly lighter than most other technologies, this weight saving without any loss of power is a perfect for camera operators with ever-more power-hungry cameras. Li-ion batteries are not affected by the memory charging effect, resulting in a longer lifecycle.


Yes, you can. Most LED lighting fixtures have mounting brackets for V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries as standard or available as an optional accessory. Powering lights with batteries gives you ultimate freedom of movement as you are not tethered to a wall outlet, while also eliminating potential tripping hazards. However, we suggest the Titon 150 and 240Wh solutions for extended runtimes when powering LEDs.


Yes, you can! All Anton/Bauer GO 90 batteries are available in both V-Mount and Gold Mount versions, so everyone can use Anton/Bauer power solutions.


GO 90 batteries can be charged on current Anton/Bauer chargers as well as earlier model chargers. Older chargers should be updated the latest firmware version. Contact Anton/Bauer customer service to check full compatibility. Anton/Bauer GO 90 batteries are also compatible with many V-Mount or Gold Mount chargers produced by other manufacturers. Check our GO 90 product page frequently for an updated list of compatible chargers from other manufacturers.


Amperage (abbreviated as A) is a measure of current. To choose the right battery for your system, simply add up the current draw of the individual components being powered to determine the system draw. GO 90 batteries supply up to 10A of current. Most small / mid-production rigs, and portable setups are well below 10A. Larger, energy hungry cine cameras that might include motorized lenses, monitor, etc. sometimes go over the 10A limit and will need a 12A battery like the Dionic XT. The right power solution is based on the needs of the system being powered.


Yes. According to IATA regulations, Lithium-ion batteries may not travel in the hold of a passenger aircraft, however, Anton/Bauer GO 90 batteries may be taken on-board in your carry-on baggage subject to the prior approval of your airline. Check with your airline's rules for specific limitations. You can check our guidance and latest IATA regulations on the IATA website - iata.org . Remember, spare batteries should be individually protected to prevent the possibility of short circuits.


It’s the same thing. P-TAP is short for PowerTap® a power outlet port invented by Anton/Bauer as a way to power external accessories in addition to the camera. As PowerTap is a registered trademark of Anton/Bauer, other manufacturers sometimes call it a D-TAP port.


Gold Mount and V-Mount are the two most popular battery mounting systems in the industry. The Gold Mount was developed 50 years ago by Anton/Bauer - working with several leading camera manufacturers – to create an ultra-secure method to lock batteries to cameras for a reliable connection for power and communications. It uses a three-pin sideways lock and slide method to secure the battery. V-Mount was developed by Sony for their cameras, batteries slide top-down into a V shape to lock into place. Which battery mount to use comes down to personal preference. GO 90 batteries are available in both Gold Mount and V-Mount.

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