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The Future Of Sustainable Production

The future of sustainable production is here.

The future of sustainable production is here. Exciting developments in sodium battery technology are changing the game for clean energy storage in the motion picture and television industry and Anton/Bauer is leading the way.

Powering towards a greener future

With the growing concern for our planet’s well-being, it’s time for the motion picture and television production industry to step up and embrace sustainable production methods. Going green doesn’t just benefit the environment, it can also save money and enhance brand reputation. The industry can implement eco-friendly practices like using renewable energy, minimizing waste and carbon footprint, and even sourcing locally.

To encourage this transition, the US government recently introduced the “Clean Energy for America Act” and the “Inflation Reduction Act” that incentivize the use of renewable energy. The industry is also adopting the “Albert” certification, a program that promotes sustainable practices on set. With the industry’s potential to inspire and educate audiences, it’s exciting to imagine a future where sustainability is at the heart of every production

Salt-E Dog in the jungle
Gas Generator

Moving on from the fossil age.

Most of the production gear you use on set has developed over the years. But there is still one thing that is stuck in the fossil age: portable power.
The entertainment industry has long relied on diesel or gas generators to power productions off the grid, but these traditional options come with a host of drawbacks. Generators are noisy, cumbersome, and emit harmful pollutants like CO2 and NOx. They require costly insurance and specialist operators, and a mountain of permits and paperwork before you can power up.

Switching to an electric solution eliminates these issues. Electric power products produce significantly less noise, have zero harmful emissions, and are lighter and more portable than traditional generators. This allows you to place the equipment closer to your set, reducing setup times and cable requirements.

SO, what are the options?



Widely available but high emissions, noisy and unreliable in extreme weather.



Lower emissions than diesel but still noisy and emits CO2. Expensive and not widely available.



No emissions but not widely available. Expensive with limited storage time.



Silent, with no emissions. Limited storage capacity and hazardous.

The greener option

The benefits of an electric power supply over diesel or gas-powered generators are clear to see. But not all electric power solutions are equal. Most use lithium-ion batteries, but there is a better option: sodium.

As one of the most abundant materials on earth, sodium is a more sustainable solution than rare earth materials like lithium or cobalt. It is also easier to recycle, making it a cleaner option from start to finish. Sodium batteries are safer than lithium-ion. With no risk of fire or explosion, they are flight safe and eliminate the need for a fire marshal and specialized fire containment equipment.

Compared to lithium solutions, sodium batteries are more efficient, with longer lifespans and cycling capabilities, lasting up to 40% longer. These factors make a sodium chemistry battery a smarter and better long-term option for anyone looking for a more sustainable and efficient power source.



No pollution | No noise | Recyclable | Sustainable source | Long lifespan | Scalable | Safe to store and use

Salt-E Dog
Salt-E Dog - front on view

Green your scene

The Anton/Bauer Salt-E Dog 9kWh sustainable power supply harnesses the power of sodium chemistry. To provide a consistent and eco-friendly source of AC or DC power. Compared to gas generators and lithium power supplies, it offers a quieter and cleaner alternative. Designed specifically for the motion picture and television industry, it delivers a pure sine wave output, ensuring reliable performance for sensitive equipment like cameras and lights. No longer will you have to rely on heavy industrial generators that aren’t optimized for your needs.

It’s silent and emission-free operation makes Salt-E Dog the perfect solution for productions to meet carbon-neutral or net-zero sustainability goals without compromising on high-quality power.


Film & Digital Times Special Report

In Film & Digital Times June 2023, a special report by Jon Fauer ASC looks at the business of sustainability in film production. Discover how modern cine production can speed up their path to net zero.

Explore the options and hear from some key industry voices taking green production from promise to reality.

Film & Digital Times

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gas generators being banned?

In 2024 a ban on the sale of new gas powered small off road engines (SOREs) which includes lawnmowers, leaf blowers and portable generators comes into effect in California. Due to the ESG issues surround gas generators and far stricter regulations around where they can be used, we are seeing more and more people look for an environmentally friendly alternative.

How is sodium extraction better than lithium or cobalt?

From an environmental impact point of view, sodium extraction is considered to have a far lower environmental impact compared to lithium or cobalt extraction. Lithium extraction often involves environmentally intensive processes like open-pit mining & evaporation ponds, whereas cobalt extraction can be associated with ethical concerns, including child labour in some regions. Sodium extraction, on the other hand, can be less disruptive to ecosystems and less likely to involve human rights issues.

Can a sodium energy source provide as much power as a gas generator?

Yes, we could provide the same amount of power or more now.

How can using sodium energy reduce my CO2 footprint?

By not using fossil fuels you are saving 2.6Kg of CO2 for every litre a fuel generator burns and 49g of NOX. Further utilising the Solar charge lessens your CO2 footprint further.

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