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Power Up Your Sustainable Production Score

The future is now. 

Picture the scene. You walk onto a film set where the air is clean, the sound of birds singing in the distance fills your ears, and there’s no need for anyone to yell to be heard. You don’t need to trek a mile to reach make-up, craft or catering and there are no trailing cables to trip you up. This is the future of movie production powered by sustainable energy. The heart of this scene is sodium power – a clean and efficient energy source that is leading the way towards a more sustainable future for film and TV production.

With sodium power, there’s no need to compromise on environmental impact or quality of production. It’s a bright and sustainable future, and the best part? It’s already here.

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Sustainable and safe power – It’s elemental!

And that element is sodium. As the sixth most abundant element on earth, sodium makes up about 2.6% of the earth’s crust, making it more widely available and economically viable than lithium or cobalt. But that’s not all.

Sodium is also better for the environment because it doesn’t require the environmentally destructive mining methods used for lithium or cobalt. And for safety, sodium batteries have a lower risk of overheating or catching fire compared to their lithium or cobalt counterparts. You can even transport them at zero volts, making them safe for transit. By switching to sodium batteries, we can build a more sustainable and socially responsible future for battery technology.

Powered by Zebras.

Sodium nickel batteries, also known as NaNiCl2 or ZEBRA batteries, are powered by a molten salt electrolyte and solid electrodes made of nickel and sodium chloride. When charged, these batteries move sodium ions from the anode to the cathode and back again during discharge, generating electrical current.

Lithium-ion batteries use a lithium compound electrolyte and graphite anode and metal oxide cathode. The main difference between these two battery types lies in their construction materials.

Sodium nickel batteries use more abundant and easily available materials, and they have a longer lifespan and wider operating temperature range compared to lithium-ion batteries, which require rare metals like cobalt and lithium. This makes sodium nickel batteries ideal for applications such as grid-scale energy storage.

Did You Know?…

The name sodium comes from the Medieval Latin word ‘sodanum’, which means “headache remedy.” No wonder Anton/Bauer sodium power solutions remove all the stress from sustainable film production!


Film & Digital Times Special Report

In Film & Digital Times June 2023, a special report by Jon Fauer ASC looks at the business of sustainability in film production. Discover how modern cine production can speed up their path to net zero.

Explore the options and hear from some key industry voices taking green production from promise to reality.

Film & Digital Times

Why Anton/Bauer?

Anton/Bauer has a long-standing track record of industry innovation, such as introducing the first camera battery mounting system, the industry’s first viewfinder battery fuel gauge and the industry standard P-Tap. Our pioneering achievements have earned us an Emmy and Oscar for outstanding achievements in science and engineering.

Today, as sustainability and reducing carbon emissions become more crucial in the entertainment industry, Anton/Bauer is taking an important step forward in minimizing environmental impact and leading the way in sustainability. With the adoption of sodium battery technology, we provide a significant opportunity for film and television production to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offer a safer alternative to traditional battery options.

Battery Pioneers

Battery Pioneers

For over 50 years, we’ve been the driving force behind mobile power technology. Our cutting-edge research and development has revolutionized the industry, with many of our patented features now considered the gold standard in batteries worldwide.

Safety First

Safety First

We have a no compromise attitude to safety and reliability. Our batteries are built with premium components and materials, and we use only the highest quality power cells to ensure consistent and dependable performance for your production.

Industry Originals

Industry Originals

We’re dedicated to the art of motion picture and television production. Our power solutions are specifically designed to deliver consistent and reliable power to achieve peak performance for your cameras, lights, monitors and other production gear.

Green your scene

The Anton/Bauer Salt-E Dog is the first sodium nickel battery designed and built for the modern cine industry.

Using sodium chemistry, the battery delivers consistent, reliable power that is cleaner and more environmentally safe than fossil fuel generators or lithium power supplies.

With no noise, and no pollution, the Anton/Bauer sodium battery helps productions to deliver on sustainability pledges and maintain quality standards without compromise.

Salt-E Dog - front on view
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