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Three-Level Protection

Leading the Charge for Safer Film & Broadcast Productions.

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Raising the Standard of Safety on Set.

At Anton/Bauer, we stand apart as the leading provider of safe and reliable power for the film and television industry. Our dedication lies in ensuring that every scene unfolds seamlessly, underpinned by our no compromise commitment to safety.

We understand the stakes. That’s why we take pride in our commitment to delivering power solutions that prioritize safety above all else. Our unique “Three-Levels of Protection” standard for batteries and chargers isn’t just a promise; it’s a blend of advanced software diagnostics and meticulous engineering built into each product tailored to meet the rigorous demands of broadcasting and cinematography.

The Anton/Bauer mark is synonymous with safety in the industry. Choosing Anton/Bauer means choosing peace of mind.  Here’s how we apply three levels of safety to batteries and chargers.

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Our No Compromise approach

At every stage of the product lifecycle, from concept to delivery, Anton/Bauer prioritize exceptional quality and safety.

UN Safety Assured

All Anton/Bauer batteries meet the requirements of each test in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part, sub-section 38.3.

Test T.1 – Altitude Simulation

Simulates air transport under low-pressure conditions.

Test T.2 – Thermal Test

Assesses cell and battery seal integrity and internal electrical conditions and is conducted using rapid and extreme temperature changes.

Test T.3 – Vibrations

Simulates vibration during transport.

Test T.4 – Shock

Assesses the robustness of cells and batteries against cumulative shock.

Test T.5 – External Short Circuit

Simulates an external short circuit.

Test T.6 – Impact / Crush

Simulate mechanical abuse from an impact or crush that may result in an internal short circuit.

Test T.7 – Overcharge

Evaluates the ability or a rechargeable battery or a single cell rechargeable battery to withstand an overcharge condition.

Test T.8 – Forced Discharge

Evaluates the ability of a primary or rechargeable cell to withstand a forced discharge condition.

Standards Matter

Anton/Bauer batteries go through extra levels of safety testing above and beyond other battery brands.

UN 38.3 - Classification of lithium metal and lithium-ion cell batteries.

If you would like more detailed information on tests conducted under the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, please see section 38.3.4 of the UN manual, available at page 427 of the document in the following link:

1915377_E_ST_SG_AC.10_11_Rev.7.pdf (

All our batteries have passed this series of tests and are UN 38.3 compliant.

UL 94 - Resin flame retardant test.

Our products are UL 94 classified, which is a burning test to see how flame retardant the resin of our battery casings are. All our products have the highest possible V-0 rating.

More information on the UL 94 test is available at

IEC 62133 - The safe transportation of portable, sealed secondary lithium cells and batteries.

In addition to the other tests, our DIONIC XT and Titon battery ranges tested to the IEC 62133. More information on these tests can be found at

IEC 61000 - Electromagnetic compatibility standards and tests for conducted and radiated EMC emissions.

All Anton/Bauer batteries have been tested to the IEC 61000. More information on these tests can be found at

Inside the Anton/Bauer Battery Testing Lab

Go behind the sophisticated cycle-testing process with Director of Engineering David Pasko and discover why Anton/Bauer batteries are built to last.

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