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Anton/Bauer’s Quality/Environmental Policy

Anton/Bauer® is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services in compliance with their customers’ needs, maintaining a commitment to continual improvement, preventing pollution, minimizing and controlling the business effects on the environment, and conforming to applicable legal and other requirements, including the ISO: 9001 (2008) Quality Standard, and the ISO: 14001 (2004) Environmental Standard.

Environmental Efforts and Programs

  • Products

Anton/Bauer’s environmental mission is to develop and disseminate environmentally conscious products that reduce the impact of energy consumption; have outstanding product durability; are structured to recycle; utilize recycled materials where possible, and reduce usage of chemical substances with environmental impact.

  • Product Life

Maximum product life is part of the design philosophy of Anton/Bauer. By designing for maximum performance, durability, and serviceability for upgrades, the carbon footprint of our products is reduced. A major component of this philosophy is designing chargers which are multi battery chemistry tolerant and allow for upgrades. As new cell technologies emerge, improved charge algorithms are developed, which not only improve capacity, but battery cycle life as well. With upgradeable chargers already existing in the field, new software can be easily implemented to fully leverage battery advances.

  • Memberships

Anton/Bauer makes every effort to maintain its environmental leadership role with major environmental agencies including Call2Recycle and PRBA (Portable Rechargeable Battery Association). Anton/Bauer recycles batteries by collecting, through voluntary return to Anton/Bauer, cell packs containing nickel cadmium, lithium ion and nickel metal hydride cell for reclamation.

  • European Environmental WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive

Anton/Bauer complies with the European Environmental WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive whereby PCBs, computer items, sheet metal, plastic, and other mixed electronics are recycled.

  • Packaging

Anton/Bauer promotes environmentally conscious packaging by reduction and/or replacement of non-recyclable part packaging materials from our suppliers (such as plastic and Styrofoam), with recyclable materials (such as cardboard and/or paper).

  • General Recycling Efforts

Anton/Bauer recycles plastic containers, aluminum cans, glass, cardboard, toner cartridges, florescent light bulbs and paper products (copy/printer paper, magazines and newspapers) used within its facilities.

Anton/Bauer continues to strive toward converting all paper-based processes to electronic format to reduce paper usage, associated handling, storage, and recycling costs.

  • RoHs

Anton/Bauer currently satisfies some OEM customer requirements for RoHs (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) compliant products.

  • Energy Conservation

United Illuminating, (UI.), the power company used by Anton/Bauer, performed an Energy Use Evaluation of the headquarters and manufacturing facility in Shelton, CT. This evaluation consisted of walk-through audits, single measure analysis, product reviews and other services. UI recommended energy saving actions; clarified where the energy dollars are going; and how we will efficiently improve energy use.

  • Continuous Environmental Effort

Anton/Bauer continues to monitor worldwide Environmental Regulations for applicability to the Anton/Bauer organization and product line.

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