Power your Story.

Run cameras, monitors, lights and more. Available in V-Mount and Gold Mount®


Power your Story

Live-action life-line

Breaking fast-moving news stories or capturing the vital weekend sports action, live-broadcast camera operators need to be ready-to-go and reliable. The last thing a network wants is expensive ‘dead air’ and you’re only as good as your last job. The superior build quality and smart power management of Titon batteries means they are live when you go live.

Power your Story

Keep on running

Faster, higher, stronger may be the motto for an international sporting event but can also describe Titon. Capturing sporting achievements is a one-time shot, you can’t afford for your equipment to let you down in the field, or track. Titon’s smart cell technology regulates power draw to reduce stress on equipment improving reliability. The rugged case protects Titon from the elements allowing it to run longer than a marathon runner.

Power your Story

On the go

Titon is perfect for storytellers with wanderlust. Powerful enough to keep multiple devices running for hours but compact and conveniently shaped to easily pack and stack in your bag as you head off to the next location. For jet setters, the travel-safe 90Wh Titons can be safely taken onboard as carry-on and even the 150Wh battery can be carried with prior permission from the airline.

Power your Story

Goes to work when you do

Boardroom power battles are now a thing of the past. The Titon portable powerhouse can power cameras, monitors, lights and more for longer than ever; meaning no searching around for power outlets or running extension cords around your client’s feet. With P-TAP and Smart USB ports, any device can be powered so you can be up and running as soon as the CEO is ready for their close-up.

Power your Story

At a glance

Commercial shoots are often long, tough and demanding. Multiple cameras, multiple people, and multiple devices means the power supply must be versatile to meet many needs. Titon’s V-Mount and Gold Mount options together with P-TAP and Smart USB ports make it the industry workhorse solution for commercial sets, and the ability to charge from other brand chargers means you’ll never be left without power.

Power your Story

Power the light

Lights, camera, action! LED lighting is becoming more powerful and more portable. To really free lights from the shackles of mains power and get super-creative, you need a powerful battery with a reliable and regulated output to produce stable light. Titon’s sophisticated cell technology ensures that the power output is perfectly matched to the draw of the lighting fixture to deliver light as stable as mains operation - anywhere.

Run cameras, monitors, lights and more

Titon Lithium-ion batteries are the go-to choice for image makers on the move, powering the widest range of gear on set or out in the field. From creating documentaries in the Arctic to using gimbal rigs in the desert, capturing fast-moving breaking news, or creating music videos on city streets; Titon power keeps your story moving.



Available in V-Mount or Gold Mount®

Compatible with your way of working

Titon enables anyone to take advantage of Anton/Bauer’s superior mobile power technology, regardless of battery mounting or charger choice.


On-board LCD screen

Knowledge is power

With the on-board LCD or through your viewfinder you can know exactly how much runtime remains, down to the minute. Titon smart technology considers and calculates everything being powered, even devices powered by the high speed USB and P-TAP leaving you free to focus on creating.



Lightweight, reliable, travel-safe choice

Professional quality

Designed to withstand the toughest assignments in the most extreme environments, Titon is the lightweight, reliable, travel-safe choice when capturing the shot on the first take is critical.  High quality energy cells in a tough and rugged case ensure that Titon delivers consistent power to even the most demanding users in temperatures from -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F).


Keep on running with Michael Shu - Editor / Cinematographer

With over four hours of run time from the Titon battery and his camera connected to Wooden Camera's FS5 Pro Accessory Kit, Michael knew his FS5 could run as long as free-runner Angelos and beyond, although keeping up with him was another story.

read michael's story


Titon batteries unleash Retro 8 Films’ creativity

No doubt, Anton/Bauer’s all-new Titon Gold Mount ® and V-Mount batteries are versatile. But when Atlanta-based production company Retro 8 Films took them for a test drive in California they gave new meaning to the idea of mobile power versatility.



Capturing the giants of giant slalom with Titon

Go behind the scenes with PeakFrames as they capture Urs Kryenbuehl, the Swiss downhill champion riding in the Swiss-Ski A-Team.



Titon powers custom Lamborghini production “Unleash the Power”

With “Unleash the Power,” Danny Alaniz shows the rare beauty and raw horsepower of the custom Lamborghinis that are built, optimized, and put to the test at Sheepey Race.


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Product Overview

The Titon battery series is a powerful and durable Lithium-ion power solution for aspiring filmmakers, complementing cameras including Red, Panasonic, Sony, Blackmagic, ARRI, & Canon. Anton/Bauer Titon is available in two versions, a 90Wh and a 150Wh Battery. Both are available in V-Mount or Gold Mount.

Titon V90
  • Mount: V-Mount
  • Capacity: 92Wh
  • Amperage: 10A
  • Estimated Life: 1000 cycles
  • Connections: 1 x P-Tap / 1 x USB
  • Weight: 1.76lbs / 0.8kg
  • Dims: 2.1 x 5.1 x 3.8in / 53 x 132 x 99mm
Titon G90
  • Mount: Gold Mount
  • Capacity: 92Wh
  • Amperage: 10A
  • Estimated Life: 1000 cycles
  • Connections: 1 x P-Tap / 1 x USB
  • Weight: 1.76lbs / 0.8kg
  • Dims: 2.3 x 5.1 x 3.8in / 58 x 132 x 99mm
Titon V150
  • Mount: V-Mount
  • Capacity: 144Wh
  • Amperage: 10A
  • Estimated Life: 1000 cycles
  • Connections: 1 x P-Tap / 1 x USB
  • Weight: 2.4lbs / 1.1kg
  • Dims: 2.6 x 5.1 x 3.8in / 66 x 132 x 99mm
Titon G150
  • Mount: Gold Mount
  • Capacity: 144Wh
  • Amperage: 10A
  • Estimated Life: 1000 cycles
  • Connections: 1 x P-Tap / 1 x USB
  • Weight: 2.4lbs / 1.1kg
  • Dims: 2.8 x 5.1 x 3.8in / 71 x 132 x 99mm

Frequently asked questions


Lithium-ion batteries are the standard found in most portable electronics these days. They are significantly lighter than most other technologies, this weight saving without any loss of power is a perfect for camera operators with ever-more power-hungry cameras. Li-ion batteries are not affected by the memory charging effect, so have a longer life-cycle.


The large easy-to-read LCD screen on Titon batteries can show battery status in two ways. When the battery is not connected to a device it will show the charge capacity as a percentage. When the battery is connected to a camera or a light etc it will show the battery run-time in hours and minutes.


Yes, many cameras can read the battery charge levels on Gold Mount and V-Mount batteries provided through the mount. All Titon batteries supply that information.


Yes you can. All Titon batteries are available in both V-Mount and Gold Mount versions, so everyone can enjoy Anton/Bauer power.


Titon batteries can be charged on all current Anton/Bauer chargers as well as earlier model chargers. Older chargers should be updated the latest firmware version. Contact Anton/Bauer customer service to check full compatibility. They are also compatible with many V-Mount or Gold Mount chargers produced by other manufacturers. Check with your charger manufacturer for details.


Titon batteries contain unique technology that increases run-time and lengthens life cycle, together with Anton/Bauer’s balanced, high-quality cells that deliver a long performance life. Titon batteries have a warrantied life of 1000 cycles.


Amperage (abbreviated as A) is a measure of current. To choose the right battery for your system, simply add up the current draw of the individual components being powered to determine the system draw. Titon batteries supply up to 10A of current. Most mid production rigs, and portable setups are well below 10A. Larger, energy hungry cine cameras that might include motorized lenses, monitor, etc sometimes go over the 10A limit and will need a 12A battery. The right power solution is based on the needs of the system being powered.


Yes. According to IATA regulations, Lithium-ion batteries may not travel in the hold of a passenger aircraft, however, Titon 90 and 150 Wh batteries may be taken on-board in your carry-on baggage subject to the prior approval of your airline. Check with your airline's rules for specific limitations. You can check the latest IATA regulations here. Remember, spare batteries should be individually protected to prevent the possibility of short circuits.


Titon’s Smart USB port supplies a regulated 5 volts and maximum 2 Amps current. This means mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets can safely charge from a Titon battery as quick and reliably as AC power.


It’s the same thing. P-TAP is short for PowerTap® a power outlet port invented by Anton/Bauer as a way to power external accessories in addition to the camera. As PowerTap is a registered trademark of Anton/Bauer, other manufacturers sometimes call it a D-TAP port.


Anton/Bauer products are backed by the most extensive warranty coverage and service support in the industry. Titon batteries are covered by a two year conditional warranty from the date of purchase. Please register your purchase for full coverage.


Titon batteries are available from Anton/Bauer’s global authorized dealer network. Use our How to buy feature to find your nearest Titon reseller.


Gold Mount and V-Mount are the two most popular battery mounting systems in the industry. The Gold Mount was developed 50 years ago by Anton/Bauer - working with several leading camera manufacturers – to create an ultra-secure method to lock batteries to cameras for a reliable connection for power and communications. It uses a three-pin sideways lock and slide method to secure the battery. V-Mount was developed by Sony for their cameras, batteries slide top-down into a V shape to lock into place. Which battery mount to use comes down to personal preference. Titon batteries are available in both Gold Mount and V-Mount.


Yes you can. Most LED lighting fixtures have mounting brackets for V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries as standard or available as an optional accessory. Powering lights with batteries gives you ultimate freedom of movement as you are not tethered to a wall outlet and also removes potential trip hazards.


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