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Dionic 26V

Native Production Power

Dionic 26V Gold Mount Plus & B-Mount Batteries

Native Production Power

Dionic 26V Gold Mount Plus & B-Mount Battery

The DIONIC 26V battery system is a dedicated solution designed to power the high-performance production equipment needed to meet the demanding cinematography standards of today.

A native 26V battery with continuous 12A current to deliver over 300W of consistent power means you can run large LED panels for longer, producing hours of full intensity creative lighting or drive power-hungry cine cameras or high-speed cine cameras.

When your production demands peak performance, DIONIC 26V batteries ensure that you have the power..

99Wh, 250Wh, Gold Mount Plus & B-Mount, 12amp, 26V

Native or regulated 26V?

26V batteries come in two varieties, ‘native’ and ‘regulated’. Native 26V batteries (Anton/Bauer Gold Mount Plus and B-Mount batteries are native 26V) stack more lithium cells in a series than 14.4V batteries. A ‘regulated’ 26V battery is just a 14.4V battery with an internal boost regulator to create the 26V output voltage. The boost means that ‘regulated’ batteries normally only provide a maximum of half of the Amps at 26V than they do at 14.4V.

Native 26V batteries have lower source impedance, which means they generate less heat and are more efficient than regulated batteries. This means they last longer, perform better, and respond to high power demands more effectively.

All Anton/Bauer Gold Mount Plus and B-Mount batteries provide 20A peak and 12A continuous power to ensure optimum performance at all times.

Another benefit of 26V batteries is they can charge faster than 14.4V batteries. This is because of the difference in Amp Hour (Ah) capacity between 14.4V and 26V batteries. A good example is to compare a DIONIC XT 90Wh to a DIONIC 26V 98Wh as seen in the table below.

The quicker charging time of native 26V batteries will help with the workflow demands of mobile 26V power, especially in a high-power situation where the battery will drain quickly. Having the ability to charge and have the batteries ready in just over an hour is a significant benefit.

DIONIC XT 90Wh to a DIONIC 26V 98Wh

Model Watt Hours (Wh) Nominal Voltage (V) Amp Hours (Ah) Charge Time
DIONIC XT 90 92 14.1 6.5 2 hours
DIONIC 26V 98 99 25.4 3.9 1 hour 15 mins
Dionic 26V range

Continuous power for high-performance cameras and lights

More Power – No downtime

Delivering a continuous 12A draw, DIONIC 26V produces over 300W of consistently reliable power. With no drop in current like dual-voltage batteries, your sensitive high-end cameras and lights can draw maximum power with no stress or sudden shutdowns.

Long run times combined with rapid charging – faster than 14V batteries – means the native power DIONIC 26V system will keep your cameras and lights running continuously all day with fewer batteries for more productivity without expensive downtime.

ARRI Camera with a Dionic 26V
Dionic 26V batteries on Sharkfin bracket

Accurate information for dependable production planning

Intelligent information

Dedicated to providing pure and consistent output, DIONIC 26V batteries predict run times more accurately than dual-voltage batteries. The Gold Mount Plus and B-Mount mounts provides secure electronic communication with camera and lights for accurate calculations, with the industry’s most reliable fuel gauge you won’t be left powerless on set.”

Built stronger to last longer

Tough on the outside, advanced inside

Built with robust materials designed to withstand the rigors of professional set life in any kind of weather together with the most secure mount to your camera or light with Gold Mount Plus or B-Mount, DIONIC 26V is the most reliable power source in the cine industry.

Breakdown of Dionic 26V batteries
Dionic 26V on Litepanels Gemini 2X1 Soft

Lightweight and compact alternative to freestanding batteries

Safer on set, safe in the air

Optional dual brackets for lights and cameras mean DIONIC 26V batteries can provide up to 500Wh of power in a compact lightweight form allowing more portability without being tethered to a freestanding battery and removing trailing cables from your set.

26V power wherever you need it – DIONIC 26V 99Wh batteries are safety certified to comply with UN38.3 IATA lithium-ion battery regulations.

ARRI Alexa 35 – 26V VS Hybrid Battery Performance Test

Raw Runtime

Raw Runtime comparison

Battery Charge Time

Battery Charge Time comparison


Key For 26V VS Hybrid Battery Performance Test

Continuous Amps

Continuous Amps comparison

Usable Watt Hours

Usable Watt Hours comparison

Product Overview

Available in 99Wh and 250Wh in both Gold Mount Plus and B-Mount – The DIONIC 26V battery system is a dedicated solution designed to power the high-performance production equipment needed to meet the demanding cinematography standards of today.

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