Feature length production power


Accurate Intelligence

Monitor remaining runtime, charge time and active power draw at a glance with the 2.4” color LCD screen. Perform real-time onboard diagnostics to keep your battery and equipment performing perfectly. Focus on the action on set while VCLX smart technology calculates everything being powered via XLR3 or XLR4 for maximum power efficiency.


Built Better

Rugged and reliable for perfect performance. Designed to withstand the rigors of set life, grip trucks and shipping cases, VCLX NM2 is engineered from tough anodized aluminum with over-molded end caps and handle grip. Passive cooling means no fan noise on set, and a sealed water-resistant case guarantees true go anywhere power.


Fully charged in 5 hours

The VCLX NM2 now charges twice as fast as the previous VCLX. The VCLX NM2 features a slim and portable VCLX 2 magnetic charger which attaches to the side of the VCLX NM2 allowing you to charge the battery from 0-100% in just 5 hours.


Runtime Calculator

Select your device and additional accessory power consumption


Depending on you addition accessories, which you can power via D-Tap or USB, the power consuption increases.
Below some accessories examples:

SmallHD 502 - 6 Wh
Teradek Bolt Pro - 4.5 Wh

Input Accessory Power Consumption (Wh)
Total Power Consumption


600 Wh free-standing battery

With unique Multi-Voltage Output the VCLX NM2 is the perfect all-in-one battery solution for power hungry cameras, monitors, lights and more. One XLR3 and two XLR4 connectors provide multiple high current output delivering consistent 24A current at 14.4V, 16A at 28V or 12A at 48V from the 600Wh NiMH battery.

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VCLX NM2 Package

VCLX NM2 Package

This VCLX NM2 package includes:

  • 1 X VCLX NM2
  • 1 X VCLX NM2 Charger
  • 1 X VCLX NM2 48" Charging Cable
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VCLX 2 Charger

The Anton/Bauer VCLX 2 Charger features magnetic connectivity with 5 hour charging time to save you time and storage space. A standard IEC Cable, included, is required for connecting the charger to a mains outlet.

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48" XLR charging cable

The Anton/Bauer 48" XLR charging cable links your VCLX NM2 to the VCLX 2 charger. One end of the 14AWG cable has a 3 pin XLR male and the opposite has a 3 pin XLR female.

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Anton Bauer XLR charging cable for VCLX NM2

12" XLR charging cable

The Anton/Bauer 12" XLR charging cable links your VCLX NM2 to the VCLX 2 charger. One end of the 14AWG cable has a 3 pin XLR male and the opposite has a 3 pin XLR female.

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NM44 Module

The Anton/Bauer NM44 Cell Replacement Module serves as a replacement for cells inside the VCLX NM2.

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Anton/Bauer VCLX Caddy - Front

VCLX Caddy

VCLX Caddy will hold the VCLX, existing and new, onto a light pole with a diameter of 13~55mm (0.511" to 2.165").

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes the VCLX NM2 is a NiMH battery and can be taken as hand luggage or placed into the hold of an aircraft. Because it is a NiMH battery there is no need to discharge it so it will be at 100% charged and ready to go when you get off your flight.


The VCLX NM2 charges from 0 to 100% in 5 hours.


The VCLX NM2 is not IP rated. However the base of the VCLX is water resistant.


The VCLX NM2 has 2 x 4-pin XLR for 14.4v, 1 x 3-pin XLR for 28v or 48V and a USB A port. These provide 48VDC at a continuous 12A, 28VDC at a continuous 16A and 10-17 V at a continuous 24A


This gives the rental houses access to Product ID, Learned Capacity, Cycle count, XLR outputs (V,A) condition of the battery packs, time stamped error/fault reports all in an Excel file format. The unit can either connect to the Rental house WiFi and upload this data to their network or the data can be downloaded on a USB stick.


There is no need to discharge the VCLX.


Yes, with an official Anton Bauer combiner unit.

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