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Power Solutions

Production Power

Cinematography has the highest power demands in the industry and operators need to trust their power solutions. Anton/Bauer delivers cutting edge power solutions for your demands in any condition or power requirements.

12A Power

Power high-end cine cameras plus drive high-powered accessories including follow-focus, servo motors and wireless transmitters.

Improved Performance

The superior cells used in DIONIC XT and 26V batteries together with Anton/Bauer’s sophisticated charging technology extends its life cycle compared to other battery systems.

Accuracy assured

Know your battery runtime down to the minute with the on-board LCD display or in your camera viewfinder.

Runtime Calculator

Select your device and additional accessory power consumption


Depending on you addition accessories, which you can power via D-Tap or USB, the power consumption increases. Below some accessories examples:
SmallHD 502 - 6 Wh
Teradek Bolt Pro - 4.5Wh


Total Power Consumption: 0Wh

Power Solutions for any
Production Demands

Our three cine product lines provide the perfect power solutions for the cine industry.

  • DIONIC XT is a 14.4V, 12 amp power solution to meet the power requirements for your camera and accessories. Available in 99Wh and 156Wh.
  • DIONIC 26V is a 26V,  12 amp power solution to run power hungry cameras and lights. Available in 99Wh and 250Wh.
  • VCLX NM2 is a 14.4V, 28V and 48V 600Wh NiMH battery that provides simultaneous multi outputs and is ideal for high current applications

*Runtime based on DIONIC XT 150
**@50% Output, powered by 2x DIONIC XT 99Wh batteries.
***@50% Output, powered by 2x DIONIC XT 240Wh batteries.


DIONIC 26V Designed for power-hungry devices, the DIONIC 26V Gold Mount Plus and B-Mount battery systems are a dedicated solution designed to power the high-performance production equipment needed to meet the demanding cinematography standards of today. A native 26V battery with continuous 12A current delivers over 300W of consistent power means you can run large LED panels for longer, producing hours of full intensity creative lighting or drive power-hungry cine cameras or high-speed cine cameras.

  • 250Wh or 99Wh lithium-ion battery
  • 12A continuous draw (20A peak, 75A inrush)
  • Built-in LCD fuel gauge shows runtime and charge capacity
Explore Dionic 26VGo Native Or Get Regulated


Peak performance in compact form. For demanding cinematographers, DIONIC XT is the gold standard for high-performance, consistently reliable mobile power in temperatures from -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F). Delivering 12 amps of constant current to power cameras and accessories simultaneously, and with sophisticated charging technology extending its lifecycle to provide the same consistent level of power throughout its life, DIONIC XT is the perfect choice where dependable power is mission critical.

  • 156Wh or 99Wh lithium-ion battery
  • Gold Mount or V-Mount options
  • 12A continuous draw (20A peak, 75A inrush)
  • P-Tap and Smart USB ports
  • Backlit multifunction LCD display
  • >1000 cycle life (flat capacity curve)
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mission impossible dead reckoning bts with Dionic XT


The Next Generation Of VCLX

With unique Multi-Voltage Output the VCLX NM2 is the perfect all-in-one battery solution for power hungry cameras, monitors, lights and more. One XLR3 and two XLR4 connectors provide multiple high current output delivering consistent 24A current at 14.4V, 16A at 28V or 12A at 48V from the 600Wh NiMH battery.

  • Accurate Intelligence – Monitor remaining runtime, charge time and active power draw at a glance with the 2.4” color LCD screen.
  • Fully Charged In 3.5 Hours – Experience unmatched charge times. The VCLX 2 magnetic charger can charge the battery from 0-100% in just 3.5 hours.
  • VCLX NM2 is a 14.4V, 28V and 48V 600Wh NiMH battery that provides simultaneous multi outputs and is ideal for high current applications.
Explore VCLX NM2


The Anton Bauer CINE VCLX Battery is a 14.4V and 28V NiMH battery that provides dual simultaneous outputs and is ideal for high current applications. Power output is via two 4-pin XLR connectors for 14.4V and one 3-pin XLR connector for 28V.

  • Integral RealTime LCD – Accurately displays the percentage of remaining battery capacity at all times.
  • Multi-Voltage Output – The multi-voltage output, both 14.4 volt and 28 volt makes this battery unique, making it the perfect application for most film cameras.
  • High Current Output – Allows for 20 amp current drawn from 14.4 volt outputs and 12 amp draw from 28 volt outputs.
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Salt-E Dog

9kWh Sodium Sustainable Power Supply

With no noise, and no pollution, Salt-E Dog helps productions to deliver on net-zero sustainability pledges and maintain quality standards without compromise.

  • Emission free – Unlike gas generators, Salt-E Dog produces no harmful CO2 or NOx emissions, And, with no pollution comes greater location flexibility for your production.
  • Whisper Quiet – Near silent operation means a better working environment and no time consuming ADR work. Plus, its quiet operation allows it to be placed closer to your set, lights, and other equipment.
  • Weatherproof – With its IP55 rating, Salt-E Dog can handle any kind of weather. It matches the IP rating of most fuel generators and beats most ‘lithium’ solutions to provide reliable weatherproof power.
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Cine Battery Comparison

Product Overview

The DIONIC battery series is a powerful and durable Lithium-ion power solution for aspiring filmmakers, complementing cameras including Red, Panasonic, Sony, Blackmagic, ARRI, & Canon.

Powering motion pictures for over 50 years. Anton/Bauer batteries are used in production at the world’s leading movie studios.

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