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Firmware Updates

Download the latest firmware for your VCLX NM2 and enjoy the latest features and performance improvements.

VCLX NM2 Firmware V2.1

Released  January 16th, 2024

VCLX NM2 Firmware 2.1

Battery Health Tracking.

In the advanced menu, when you navigate to ‘System Info’, you’ll now find a timestamped value indicating the last completed learning cycle. A learning cycle is a full discharge of the unit from 100% to 0%, providing useful insights for tracking battery health over time.

It’s important to note that consistently performing partial discharges may affect the battery’s ability to accurately monitor its health. If a full discharge is not recorded within 60 days, the battery will prompt a calibration cycle. While not mandatory, incomplete discharges will be marked with an asterisk, indicating potential accuracy variations in capacity measurement.

For VCLXN NM2 owners our recommendation is that a full discharge is implemented at least once every 60 days to ensure the fuel gauge is 100% accurate to reflect the batteries health capacity.

New Features.

  • Added back button to user interface (UI) menus.
  • Increased robustness of USB field updates by validating entire image before attempting to update.
  • Added toggling between battery % and time to empty (TTE) when discharging.
  • Added Anton/Bauer (AB) cycles to allow tracking of partial cycles.
  • Anton/Bauer (AB) battery health to accurately track the discharge capacity of the unit. NOTE: If the discharge load is low enough and the unit is fully discharged to 0/1% Relative State of Charge (RSOC) and then the unit is plugged into a charger, the Anton/Bauer (AB) battery health will be updated.
  • Added ability to prematurely exit built in self test (BIST).
  • Added fuel gauge communication error to the fault module.
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