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Titon Series – Perfect Power For Broadcast

Titon series Lithium-ion batteries are the perfect power choice for broadcast professionals to run cameras, lights and other on-location equipment. From breaking news and live sportscasts to covering extreme weather and major events; Titon power keeps your story moving.

Titon provides on-location power

On-location Power

Run cameras, monitors, lights and more.

Titon is available in V-Mount or Gold Mount

V-Mount or Gold Mount®

Compatible with your way of working.

Advanced Titon LCD Screen

LCD Screen

Know your runtime down to the minute.

Titon is IATA certified for travel

Travel Certified

IATA certified for on-board carry on.

Run time using Titon batteries for Broadcast cameras

Runtime Calculator

Select your device and additional accessory power consumption


Depending on you addition accessories, which you can power via D-Tap or USB, the power consumption increases. Below some accessories examples:
SmallHD 502 - 6 Wh
Teradek Bolt Pro - 4.5Wh


Total Power Consumption: 0Wh

Power your Story

The workhorse power solution for demanding crews working in the most extreme challenging situations, Titon is the lightweight, reliable, travel-safe choice when there is only one chance to get the shot. When space is at a premium, the mighty Titon 240 battery is only the size of previous 190Wh batteries. High quality cells in a tough and rugged case ensure that Titon delivers consistent power to even the most demanding users in temperatures from -4F to 140F (-20C to 60C).

How to buy
Titon for use in Broadcast


From breaking news to major events; Titon power keeps your story moving.

Titon can be used for sports


When you have once chance to get the shot during live sporting events, Titon has your back.

Titon powers lights fixtures on location


Titon powers your lights on location, keeping your fixture portable and reducing the need for cables.

Comparison of various Titon batteries

Keep Your Story
Moving With Titon™

Capturing sporting achievements is a one-time shot, you can’t afford your equipment to let you down in the field, or track. Titon’s smart cell technology regulates power draw to reduce stress on equipment and improving reliability.

Jim Kenney’s career as cameraman spans 30 years, and he’s relied on Anton/Bauer batteries from the very beginning. Follow Jim’s story as he shoots using Titon batteries for the NFL Network and trackside with the NASCAR race hub show.

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Peace of Mind to
Power the Story

Experienced cameraman Steve Hubbard swears by his Anton/Bauer Titon batteries to deliver the performance he needs to get through a long and rugged day of shooting for the BBC – together with the peace of mind he needs for live shots.

“The Titons are a tremendous asset to my kit – they take away the worry that I’ll have enough power to get me through my day. I can put a Titon on my camera and my mind is set at ease.”

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Power your gear all day,
with absolute certainty

Steadicam operator John Fry never knows which camera he’ll be using from one shoot to the next, but one thing is for sure. He can power it — along with monitors, transmitters, and all his other gear — all day long with Anton/Bauer’s new Titon batteries.

“We went the whole day running everything on only two batteries – the Titon V150 and the V90”

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Titon removes the guesswork

Director of Photography Chuck Samataro has relied on Anton/Bauer batteries throughout his 30-year career in sports broadcasting. Today, his Titon batteries are an essential part of his kit taking the guesswork out of camera and lighting runtimes, leaving him to focus on telling compelling stories.

“I know the batteries will get me through the shoot with plenty of power to spare”

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Product Overview

Available in 92Wh, 156Wh & 238Wh – The Titon battery series is a powerful and durable Lithium-ion power solution for broadcast professionals to run cameras, lights and other on-location equipment.

The power behind news, sports and other TV production, Anton/Bauer is trusted by the world’s leading broadcast networks.

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