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Powering the world’s toughest motor race

Powering the Dakar Rally's 'toughest of the tough'.

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Power for people that don't compromise

Learn how Cinematographer Mathieu Plainfossé & 1st AC Tom Finch powered through extreme conditions on Peaky Blinders.

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Premium Power behind The Witcher Season 2

Anton/Bauer's V-Mount DIONIC XT batteries are put to the ultimate test on the Witcher Season 2.

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Power Behind the Throne

Behind the scenes of Game of Thrones with Camera Operator and ACO President Sean Savage.

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From matchday moves to post-game analysis.

Anton/Bauer Titon batteries power Jon Pijnen into extra time.


New VCLX NM2 600Wh battery

Power through your next production with VCLX NM2


Anton/Bauer Battery Lab Testing

Leading by Design - Go behind the scenes of the Anton/Bauer Battery Lab testing.


Kit your camera: Sony FS7

The series where we share our dream cameras and rigs with you. Share your dream #poweryourstory with us.

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Strive to Survive

Mission-critical power with DIONIC XT.

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