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Sean Savage Game of Thrones 2_AntonBauer (1).jpg

Power Behind the Throne

Behind the scenes of Game of Thrones with Camera Operator and ACO President Sean Savage.

Jon-Pijnen_Titon_Broadcast.jpg (1)

From matchday moves to post-game analysis.

Anton/Bauer Titon batteries power Jon Pijnen into extra time.


Anton/Bauer Battery Lab Testing

Leading by Design - Go behind the scenes of the Anton/Bauer Battery Lab testing.


Kit your camera: Sony FS7

The series where we share our dream cameras and rigs with you. Share your dream #poweryourstory with us.

Lunark Anton Bauer.jpg

Strive to Survive

Mission-critical power with DIONIC XT.

Uros Podlogar Titon SL90 Hero 1 .jpg

Powering Ambition with Titon SL90

Sony ambassador Uroš Podlogar puts the Titon SL90 to the test with the FX9.


The Visual Artist with a unique perspective.

Powering monitors, lights and cameras with the Titon SL 90.


One chance to get the shot on BBC wildlife series

Cherique Pohl followed the team for 12 months to make ‘Bears about the House’ a two-part documentary series for the BBC.


Peace of Mind to Power the Story

BBC Cameraman Steve Hubbard puts Anton/Bauer Titon batteries to the test when shooting live sports stories.


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