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Eric Girgash

The Camera Department

Eric Girgash, an Emmy-Award Winning Director of Photography and technical advisor at the camera department spent some time getting hands-on with the Dionic XT.

With more than a decade of experience in camera rentals, the Camera Department know what they are talking about when it comes to production gear. We reached out to Eric for his thoughts on the Dionic XT in the rental space.

“We’ve been purchasing Anton/Bauer batteries for over fifteen years; mainly due to the fact that they are the most reliable battery for us and our rental customers.” said Eric.  “As cameras have become more power hungry, Anton Bauer have also delivered on the demands of camera operators and assistants to make batteries lighter, stronger, and faster.” he continued.  “The Dionic XT battery is the best battery Anton/Bauer has ever made – and it arrived at the perfect time. When we took delivery of our mighty Alexa LF camera we knew power was going to be an key issue.”

Shark Tales: Arri Alexa LF powered by two Dionic XT batteries.
Shark Tales: Arri Alexa LF powered by two Dionic XT batteries.

Eric researched and tested a lot of different options but found the Wooden Camera sharkfin paired with Dionic XT batteries were the perfect solution for the high current draw from the camera.

“The best part is we don’t have to purchase a new style of battery; the XT batteries will work with the rest of our inventory.” Says Eric.

The slim profile, light weight, and hot-swap ability are key features the operators will appreciate on set. With the increased cell life and stronger casing, Dionic XT is going to be our new workhorse battery.

Eric Girgash - DoP
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