The Next Evolution Of VCLX

Power through your next production with VCLX NM2, the advanced evolution of Anton Bauer’s Academy Award winning block battery system.

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Product Overview

All of the safety and high power draw performance of NiMH cell chemistry technology is available in a power package specifically designed for the integration of 24V film and 14V video equipment. Safe to travel without restrictions. 630Wh NiMH battery with 14V and 28V XLR outputs used for cine and high-voltage lighting applications.

The Cine VCLX requires:

To find out about battery run-time based on your camera model please e-mail [email protected].

Technical Specifications

Capacity630 Wh630 Wh
ChemistryNickel Metal HydrideNickel Metal Hydride
Depth13.8 cm5.43 in
Height32.4 cm12.76 in
Power TapNoNo
Warranty2 years2 years
Width25.4 cm10 in