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Michael Shu

Michael Shu

Director of Cinematography, officially trained in steadicam and a camera motion junky, is a kid at heart that still gets giddy like a school boy when it comes to pulling off an awesome shot.

Keep on running

In Parkour the objective is to keep running – you don’t stop for anything – it’s a quest to get from one point to the next in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Spare a thought then for the film makers who have the unenviable task of capturing the nimble moves of the traceurs as they practice their art. Any equipment failure means the fleeting chance to capture their subject is lost.

With everything on the line, what better way to test the reliability and run time of the new Titon battery from Anton/Bauer than a parkour-based commercial shoot? Enter parkour pro and Hollywood stuntman Angelos Poulis running, leaping and somersaulting along California’s iconic Venice Beach hotly pursued by filmmaker Michael Shu armed with his lightweight Sony FS5 powered by a Titon V90 V-Mount battery.

Michael Shu shooting on the beach with Titon

With over four hours of run time from the Titon battery and his camera connected with the Wooden Camera FS5 Pro Accessory Kit, Michael knew his FS5 could run as long as free-runner Angelos and beyond, although keeping up with him was another story. With power to spare and with smart USB and P-TAP ports, Michael added a SmallHD monitor to his rig to easily keep track of the action and – so that the director and clients did not need to run along the beach too – a Teradek Serv Pro completed his rig that enabled him to stream footage directly from his camera to their iPads.

Titon 90 in use

Even with my extended rig the Titon battery had enough power to run the camera, monitor and transmitter, I had confidence that the Titon could run all day so I could focus on getting the shots I needed on the first take

“With just a quick tap of the battery I could keep track of the remaining run time on the LCD screen – there was always plenty” he added, continuing “Angelos was pleased that I didn’t need to ask him to perform over and over again and the battery even had enough power left at the end of the day to recharge my iPhone”.

With the California sun setting on the palm-tree fringed golden sands every shot was in the can and ready for the commercial to be edited and released.  See the final cut below.

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