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Elias Rüetschi

Elias Rüetschi

Specialists in action-packed, outdoor, extreme sports films, Elias Rüetschi and Moritz Sieber founded PeakFrames after collaborating on many projects through their shared love of outdoor sports.

Elias Rüetschi filming slopes

High in Switzerland’s snow-capped mountains the temperature is cold and the sky is crisp and blue. A lone skier prepares for a final training run, one last high-speed precision dance down the slopes of the famous Hoch-Ybing Mountain before competition. But, this is not just any skier, this is Urs Kryenbuehl, the Swiss downhill champion riding in the Swiss-Ski A-Team. Capturing this moment on film will take a special team. Enter PeakFrames production duo Elias Rüetschi and Moritz Sieber.

Specialists in action-packed, outdoor, extreme sports films, Elias and Moritz founded PeakFrames after collaborating on many projects through their shared love of outdoor sports.

Elias Rüetschi in ski gear

You only get one shot.

“The technology and production sides of filmmaking have always fascinated us, especially when the gear enables us to capture great moments and tell a story,” Elias comments. “Since we’re constantly going high up into the mountains on shoots, we’re always on the lookout for gear that is lightweight and compact, but crucially, reliable enough to get us the highest-quality shots first time when we only have one chance.”

Today, Elias and Moritz have been drafted in to capture the last training session of the season for Swiss downhill Cup champion and World Cup competitor Urs Kryenbuehl. With only one fleeting chance to get the perfect shots of these slalom speed demons, the equipment used must be fast, lightweight and above all reliable. The PeakFrames team powered their Canon C200 camera with Anton/Bauer’s V-Mount Titon battery.

Titon 90 in the alps

We had always used the Canon BP-A60 batteries for the camera, because we thought external batteries would be too heavy and bulky for such a fast-action shoot,” Elias explains. “But the Titon changed that.

Elias was surprised that the Titon battery could pack so much reliable power in a lightweight and rugged package.

With just one Titon we were able to shoot for over six hours. Normally, we would have had to change the internal Canon batteries three or four times in that period,” he notes. “With Titon, we were able to focus on getting the shots we needed without having to worry about run-time or battery performance in the extreme cold temperatures. We could easily see how much run-time was remaining on the battery LCD display or the camera viewfinder.”

The whole payload was mounted on Sachtler’s ultra-lightweight, rugged flowtech75 carbon-fibre tripod along with Ace XL fluid head.

Ready and Steady.

“The flowtech tripod is so light that carrying it up and around the mountains is no effort at all and it can be set up in an instant so we can be in position and camera-ready in time to capture the shot we need. The fluid head means our quick-panning shots are perfectly smooth.”

With their lightweight camera gear primed and ready to go and the skiers all set for action, PeakFrames were in the perfect position to capture the dynamic action shots needed.

Go behind the scenes in the video below.

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