Gold Mount battery plate with RED DSMC1/DSMC2 LEMO compatible connector with 2x P-Tap ports to power camera accessories. This plate is wired to display RED Brick and smart V-Mount battery percentage on displays.

Cable exits the right side of the plate allowing easy insertion into the camera. 8” cable length minimizes cable excess while still being able to reach additional modules when necessary.

For an adjustable mount system, use the Universal Mounting Plate for rail mounted cameras – MATRIX Cheese Plate

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Technical Specifications

Camera Brand RED RED
Camera Model DSMC1, DSMC2 DSMC1, DSMC2
Mount Type Gold Mount Gold Mount
Compatibility Specialized Specialized
Width 119.2 mm 4.69 in
Height 0.0858 m 0.28 ft
Depth 13.2 mm 0.52 in
Weight 0.118 kg 0.26 lb

In The Box

Gold Mount battery plate
2x P-Tap Ports
RED DSMC1/DSMC2 LEMO compatible connector
8″ cable