Pro Gold Mount (RED DSMC1/DSMC2)) with a rugged aluminum body for durability and secure battery mounting and a RED DSMC1/DSMC2 LEMO compatible connector. Features 3x P-Taps for accessory power at battery voltage (12-16V), a digital fuse with reset button, rear cover plate, and captive mounting screws.

Should the user exceed the set current for accessories, only the accessory outputs are disabled leaving the camera running normally. Once the current load has been reduced by either removing accessories or reconfiguring, the reset button can be pressed to enable accessory power again.

8″ cable exits the right side of the plate allowing easy insertion into the camera.

For an adjustable mount system, use the Universal Mounting Plate for rail mounted cameras – MATRIX Cheese Plate

Learn More about the MATRIX Cheese Plate

Technical Specifications

Camera BrandREDRED
Camera ModelDSMC1, DSMC2DSMC1, DSMC2
Depth19.1 mm0.75 in
Height76.2 mm3 in
Mount TypeGold MountGold Mount
Weight0.186 kg0.41 lb
Width14.61 cm5.75 in

In The Box

Aluminum Gold Mount battery plate
3x P-Tap ports
RED DSMC1/DSMC2 LEMO compatible connector
Digital fuse with reset button
8″ cable