The powerful yet slim and light Titon Base delivers 68Wh of consistent power to run DSLR, mirrorless and small-form pocket cinema cameras for hours. A single lightweight compact power hub with P-Tap to Canon 1DX, 1DXmkII, 1DC (20″”) allows you to power the camera with your Titon Base Battery. The cable regulates power from the P-Tap to the proper voltage required by the camera. Cable length: 20 inches (508mm) Titon Base will run cameras more than five times longer than the standard manufacturer batteries supplied allowing you to stay fast and agile. Three P-Tap ports and a high-speed USB port deliver dependable premium power for camera accessories including monitors, and wireless transmitters or even a boost to your phone at the end of a long day.

Technical Specifications

Power Tap? Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year / 70% of Learned Capacity 1 Year / 70% of Learned Capacity
Width 101 mm 3.9 in
Height 0.029 m 1.14 ft
Depth 142 mm 5.6 in
Weight 0.52 kg 1.15 lb